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How to Choose an Auto Repair Shop

When your car is having some issues, two things usually come to mind. First, you want it fixed ASAP and second, you want it fixed by someone who won’t play you. The second one is clearly much trickier.

So how can you find a car repair shop with excellent skills and is honest in dealing with customers?

Industry Experience

You may think this is a given, but even if a shop has been there for 20 years, that still doesn’t mean that one and the same mechanic is performing all the work. Contact some popular local prospects and inquire about their head mechanics’ experiences. More experience means more knowledge and more ability to find effective solutions to a wider variety of issues.


All businesses want more profit, but this can be difficult for a company that keeps changing its workers. The more they hire new people, the more they have to spend resources for training. The head mechanics are usually in charge of training new hires.

If a shop is unable to accept its regular workload because some employees have quit or lead mechanics are focusing on their replacements, the business will have no recourse but to operate at a smaller margin. This is then compensated through rate increases, both for labor and for parts.


People usually rely on the web nowadays for nearly all of their needs, including established car shops.
Indeed, online is the place to look when you’re looking for reviews on any particular company.

But remember that not all reviews here are reliable, especially if they are found on marketing websites that are most likely maintained by the business owners themselves.

Stick to established third-party consumer websites instead if you want to read authentic, high-quality reviews. And check with the Better Business Bureau for any consumer complaints or cases that the shop you’re considering may be or have been embroiled in.

Deciding Between Dealer and Local Shops

There are usually major differences between a dealer garage and a regular vehicle repair shop. Your specific situation will determine which one is better for you.

For instance, if your issue is specific to the brand and model of your vehicle – say you couldn’t find your smart key – you’re obviously better off with a dealer that works on your brand.

Certainly, it is reasonable to expect a higher charge, considering that they are specialists and are probably the only shop in your area that works on your particular problem.

On the other hand, if you want a shop that will provide regular maintenance to your car, or even if you need some heavy-duty work done, you should consider your local garage.

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